• FAQs

    All the answers about the MKids® product range.

  • Where can I purchase MKids® equipment?

    MKids® equipment is available throughout the UK, Europe and China. Go to the Find a Retailer section of the website, put in your postcode or nearest town and you will be directed to the nearest retailer.

  • How do I know what size clubs my child needs?

    MKids® clubs are specifically designed to a child's height, so just measure your son/daughter's height, wearing shoes, and this will indicate which clubs he/she will need. Alternatively your local MKids® retailer will help with this.

  • Can I purchase individual clubs or do I have to buy a full set?

    MKids® clubs are available either in boxed sets or individually, so you can build up a set over time.

  • Do the box sets give me everything needed to start golf?

    Yes they do. The boxed sets are what we call a 'half-set' comprising 4 or 5 clubs, which is all a new golfer needs to get started. This can then be added to as the golfer becomes more proficient, as MKids® clubs can be purchased individually.

  • I'm not a golfer so there is much I don't understand, for example why do golfers wear one glove?

    A golf glove is worn by right-handed golfers on their left hand, and left-handed golfers on their right hand, to help achieve a secure hold on the club without having to grip too tightly which would inhibit the swing.

  • Are MKids® clubs suitable for both boys and girls?

    Yes they are. The clubs are designed with the childs height as the determining factor, and provide the best equipment available for both girls and boys.